The Field

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The Field

Conveniently situated in the heart of Macomb County our 20+ acre field is located at the end of N. Rose and Dunham in Mt. Clemens. Surrounded by trees and the Clinton River, it is a great place to fly or just hang out and watch others pilot their aircraft. There are five workbenches and six safety (start) benches present so a place to setup is rarely a problem. There is also a gazebo which houses the frequency pins as well as provide a place to hide in the shade for a while. During the 'normal' season, an outhouse is also on site.  Visitors are always welcomed but an AMA membership is required to fly. Map

The Club

Founded approximately 30 years ago, the Fraser RC Flying Club's goal, is to provide a safe, relaxed place to fly.  Any discipline of model aircraft approved by the AMA may be flown and it is not uncommon to see everything from micro-electric foamies to gas-powered 1/4 scale airplanes, sailplanes, helicopters, and even the occasional 'lawnmower' gracing the skies over our field. As is typical of most model aviation enthusiasts, the pilots are courteous, friendly, and willing to help and answer questions to each other and newcomers. The Fraser RC Flying club is an AMA sanctioned club.

The Rules

We basically follow the AMA's safety guidelines with a few additions specific to our location. Our safety standards can be downloaded here. The club bylaws, which are reviewed annually and updated as required can be viewed here. There are two meetings per year; one in January at the local VFW hall and one at the field in April. Attendance is recommended as this is the member's opportunity to vote on any pressing issues.